Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Do my feet look smaller in these?

As I have mentioned before I have large feet. Brazilian designer Andrea Chaves can solve my problems with 'The Invisible Shoe'. As I write that I imagine it shimmering from small to large on screen like a 60's Sci Fi movie. The shoes seem to have a chaotic beauty about them. They are so sharp and angular but the reflection from the shoe soft and blurry almost. The shoes are like Frank Gehry creation for your feet. Ladies make sure you don't do a 'Britney' and leave the house without your underwear because everyone will be getting an eyeful!!!

My favourite shoes in her collection were these below called 'The Prism Shoe'. I like that they almost feel accidental, just a jumble of block that happened to form into a shoe. On my next day off you are going to find me with cheap Primark pumps, some glue and little squares of wood. If I don't post for a while the you will know that I now have wood blocks for hands.

Wednesday, 9 December 2009

All I want for Christmas is roadkill?

London based designer Reid Peppard has produced ethically sourced rodent jewellery. The majority of the range is road kill. There is something disturbing yet fascinating about the collection. The rat that is now a purse looks like it is being tortured I actually find funny and sent me into a fit of giggles.
The designer wanted to challenge how we view animals we wear using animals we normally consider vermin. To be honest I would much rather wear mouse or pigeon that has died from natural causes than a rabbit that has been skinned alive.

"RP/ENCORE challenges our attitudes towards fur, leather and waste. In a world where leather is worn without question by most, and replaced by un-biodegradable plastics by the rest, it is ironic that the image of an animal preserved using taxidermy is still enough to cause widespread outrage and fist banging. It is for this reason I taxidermy the prolific, consequential vermin result of London’s excess. A member of the UK's Guild of Taxidermists, I use both traditional and alternative methods of taxidermy to preserve and embellish creatures that are widely thought disgusting and unnecessary. When they become sculptural headpieces, necklaces and cuff-links, the specimens cease to be waste and become objects to behold. RP/ENCORE makes use of the city’s leftovers."

If only all prom corsages looked like this!