Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Dan's Heart


I’m Dan an Aussie living in L.A, working in fashion and chasing a career in film.

My Heart Beats for


It is my greatest pleasure. It has been part of my life since i was 10 and nothing i have experienced in life measures up the the feeling I have when I'm performing on the stage/screen or being part of the process. I have learnt so many life lessons through this art and it continues to feed my inspirations, style and ideas.


I have lived on a river for over 20 years and can not see my self ever being away from the wilderness. It is where i go for clarity, peace and fun. A bush walk, a fresh water swim, a kayak, a snorkel or a conversation with friends lying on floaties drifting down the river is what keeps my heart beating. It is also a place i go to for inspiration. The environment impacts on my emotions and in turn impacts on my style. I look at all the cities around the world and it is so obvious how the environment impacts on the trends and fashion of the people who live in it.

The wild is a place i can go to in any part of the world, thats a comforting thought.


I love food!!!!! all foods. Taste and texture the way it looks on a plate, the company around a dinner table, the vibe of the restaurant and the people watching all comes with food.

Sushi, Mexican and seafood are my favorite tastes and any restaurant with a hat or a star rating is one i will eat at.


and fashion stand side by side. To be honest it wasn’t until i started working in the industry that i really understood the importance of style and Fashion. What you wear tells a story, it is the cover to a book. Sam and Liz are 2 of my great friends and have taught me a lot about the importance of fashion. It is ok for a man to care about the way he looks!!

To me style is an identity. if you have a sense of style you have a sense of self, Effortlessly sophisticated....

Look for where the red sun sinks into fields of gold and the healing water runs”

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