Friday, 20 November 2009


I almost died in an environmentally sustainable orgasim when i saw these shoes from Carmen Walsh. She says 'I was inspired by the shapes of cliffs and terraced farming on mountains; by the rich world of textures in coral reefs; by the change of color within the decay and erosion of the earth.The basic concept of life, the cycle of a seed growing into a plant whose fibers can be used to make natural fabrics, which in turn can be used to make sustainable footwear is beautiful and idealistic. The final goal is the reduction of impact upon that which I find inspiration - nature. What is born from nature returns to it in the end.'

She also goes on to say 'My shoes are made with vegetable tanned leather, walnut wood heels, fabrics including caucciu covered organic cotton, linen, raffia, hemp, bamboo and cork to support the forms. Fun ideas spring to mind with my collection, changing the seeds instead of shoes with the passing seasons. It is my hope that in their second life they will decay and grow as an art piece.'

And with millions of shoes going in to landfills everyday those are wise words

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