Tuesday, 5 January 2010

I Heart LSD

Little Sequin Dresses were all over the SS10 runways and will be big hits due to their ability to corner both fashionista's and the Chav/Bogan market. I personally love a bit of sparkle, the only problem is the majority of the time it looks cheap! With most other trends you can usually buy a cheap alternative and no one is the wiser, but with sequins its another ball game. The "Spaced out" sequin is the usual suspect. They space out the sequins 5cm apart, which is fine when you hold it up but when you try it on all the lumpy bits just stretch them further. Then there is the "fall off because they haven't even paid someone to sew them on" problem. The sequins have been smeared on with glue so when you go brush some crumbs off your left with bald patch. Never the less, I am giving myself this challenge - Price=Cheap, Look=Chic.

Some Favourite LSD from SS10 Runways

Emilio Pucci
Matthew Williamson
3.1 Phillip Lim
Julian Macdonald

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